2016 is moving ahead rapidly, a good sign, because it means good training is in progress. Last year had been very succesfull, looking at the years before, first joining the Austrian army, then finding out, with these perfect conditions and possibilities as a human beeing, there must be more than just waiting for the next day to come (knowing there will be no challenges at all). So this was the main question I asked myself after the first exciting months. I mean they were really cool and exactly what I expected, when beeing at the military, but from that time the normal service we had to do was just not liveable. I thought a long time about it, finally it took me a year before I made my decision.


The outstanding support of my family was great, perhaps I wouldn't be that far, so after two years of hard training, with all that downs and ups, belonging to the game, I made it into a Worldcup Final! Actually no big deal, someone could say, and this would be my personal answer to this question, but taking the risk of quitting a save job, knowing you could possibly get to the top, that's something else. It took me way longer, than I thought, to get more professional, and there is still so many things to do. At least I can say, last year I wasn't sure if i could get so high, this year feels so much stronger and more confident, so I feel climbing harder from day to day!

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